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BOUNCE Programme

Nuturing positive emotional health in primary schools and families to help children thrive

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Dr Kate & Dr Sarah

Clinical Psychologists

Creators & Co-Founders

“We are passionate about early intervention, emotional resilience, and making a meaningful impact by bringing all of our knowledge and skills to the community”

Why you can trust us

Clinical Psychologists

Joint 40 years experience in child mental health in NHS, education and private sector

HCPC Registered

Strict professional development requirements and professional standards

DBS Registered Safeguarding

Enhanced DBS Certificate

Level 3 Safeguarding

Professional Insurance

Our experience with Raising Resilience has been nothing short of exceptional.

Kate and Sarah's guidance and expertise in mental health have provided our school with impactful solutions to address our pupils' emotional and behavioural needs.”,

PSHE Prep-Lead, Twickenham Prep School.

The BOUNCE Programme gives everyone skills so children can:

Thrive And Grow

Helping them to:

  • Be emotionally resilient
  • Reach their potential
  • Have positive relationships
  • Be calmer
  • Be more able to cope

Together we can make the biggest difference!

The BOUNCE Programme works by being:

Based on Science

Created by us, using all our 40 years collective experience working in mental health (NHS, education, private practice), alongside the latest science on how children thrive.

Interactive & Fun Learning

Engaging lessons, animations and practical resources for parents, teachers, and children. Personally made by us to start building resilience straight away.

Shared Language

Parents, teachers and children all have shared understanding, language and tools for promoting emotional wellbeing and resilience.

“The BOUNCE programme is comprehensive and adaptable for raising resilience in our pupils and has provided an excellent basis for discussion in our school community about how to do this,” Deputy Head, Lady Eleanor Holles Junior School.

The BOUNCE Programme

A Whole School Approach to Help Children Thrive & Grow

“We all have a role to play in building the emotional resilience and wellbeing of children,” Dr Kate & Dr Sarah.

Termly child workshops

Parent/ carer masterclass

Teacher training & consultation

Wealth of Raising Resilience resources

Contact us if your primary school wants:-

  • To build confidence to talk about mental health
  • Everyone to know what mental health is & what helps
  • A reputation for a positive mental health culture
  • To promote partnerships with parents
  • To look after staff well being
  • Innovative learning and up to date thinking
  • Adaptable wellbeing curriculum

“Raising Resilience is a catalyst for positive change, offering valuable insights and practical strategies that make a real difference in building a resilient mindset for all of our pupils, families and staff. Kate and Sarah's compassionate approach and commitment to improving emotional wellbeing make them an invaluable resource for our school.” PSHE Prep-Lead, Twickenham Prep School.

For the children

Little Bounce (Infants)

Fun, engaging workshops with Felix, the Feeling Finder & Calm Koala

Learn vital facts about feelings

Develop emotional vocabulary

Spot feelings in me, my body & others

Learn early skills to calm feelings

For the children

Learn2BOUNCE (year 3 plus)

We use simple brain science to introduce everyone to 4 Bounce friends to calm big feelings so we can think more clearly to solve problems!

Daily habits to look after mental health

Brain science to understand feelings

4 BOUNCE friends to calm big feelings

When & how to ask for help with feelings

For the children


(yrs 4-6)

Having learnt to calm, we teach everyone the 6 resiliency skills vital in facing everyday challenges such as exams, friendships & transitions.

e a flexible thinker


thers can help and so can you


nique inner strengths


otice what you can do


elebrate yourself and life

njoy with fun and laughter

Group of young children peeking around a corner - Isolated



For the parents/ carers

Smile parent and child

Engaging masterclasses and webinars to learn all about the BOUNCE programme giving you practical skills and tools to grow your child’s:

  • resilience and emotional intelligence
  • confidence to face challenges
  • connection with you
  • calm and positive behaviours
  • relationships and friendships with others

Also masterclasses on specific topics such as:

  • anxiety
  • friendships
  • sleep
  • transitions

Also within the whole school package 30 minute bookable consultation with Dr Sarah and Dr Kate - signpost for support

Thank you so much, this was brilliant . I am thrilled to think our children are taking part in Bounce,” Year 4 Parent - Parent masterclass at Twickenham Prep School

Easy to use tools, resources and animations for parents/ carers to illustrate & practice using BOUNCE to enable their child to thrive and grow from the challenges of life.

Our staff have enjoyed inset and our parents have reported positively on the parental workshops stating that they have learned how best to talk to their daughters. Overall we would highly recommend them.”

Deputy Head, Lady Eleanor Holles Junior School.

For the School Staff

Teacher in a classroom

The BOUNCE Programme will give school staff the knowledge and practical skills & tools to grow:

  • emotional resilience of your pupils
  • pupils’ skills to succeed academically & socially
  • pupils’ ability to manage their own behaviour
  • your relationship with pupils
  • calmer classrooms
  • more positive relationships with parents
  • their own wellbeing and self care
  • positive mental health culture for all

There are many ways that the BOUNCE does this:

  • Staff training
  • Case consultations and application of BOUNCE
  • Practical classroom resources
  • Visual reminders
  • School planners
  • Mini Lesson plans and Tutor Time activities
  • Policy support

"A very motivating and thought provoking session. Kate and Sarah were excellent!"

Pastoral Lead Development Day, Raising Resilience in Primary Schools Dukes Education

Bringing BOUNCE skills to life through:

  • Animations, fun activities, cuddley characters & the BOUNCE rap
  • BOUNCE Journal that grows with the children
  • Downloadable practical resources for the classroom & at home
  • Mini lessons & activities to help teachers practice new skills in the classroom

“Pupils loved it. Resources provided a good reminder of feelings affecting the body

“Pupils found the video very informative - prompted good discussion”

“Pupils enjoyed this session - getting better at the press pause technique”

Staff feedback back on tutor time lesson resources

2 days

60 places

Our mission

To help children thrive

That’s why we celebrate Child Mental Health Week by offering a FREE link for your classroom (year 4) to join Dr Kate & Dr Sarah for one of our Learn2Bounce workshops LIVE!

Sign your school up to secure a place


We are excited to announce that our BOUNCE programme is going online, to help more schools and families to be able to afford and access our science-based practical tools to raise the resilience of their children.

BOUNCE for Teachers - online

For teachers and education staff to gain knowledge and skills to build emotional resilience for themselves, their pupils, and the whole school community. Full access to the whole BOUNCE programme with Dr Kate and Dr Sarah online.


For parents and carers to help your children learn BOUNCE knowledge and develop skills at home with the online access to videos and easy to use resiliency exercises to do with your child.

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How Can We Help?

Contact us if your primary school wants:-

  • To build confidence to talk about mental health
  • Everyone to know what mental health is & what helps
  • A reputation for a positive mental health culture
  • To promote partnerships with parents
  • To look after staff well being
  • Innovative learning and up to date thinking
  • Adaptable wellbeing curriculum

Let’s Grow